Fry & Kent Estate Agents have been successfully selling and renting property since 1970.

In the year that our company came into being, the first 747 Jumbo Jet landed at Heathrow, The Beatles broke up, and the average house price was £4,975.

Of course, there have been many changes over the last 50 years and the things which we all now take for granted, Computers, Mobile Phones, and the internet were the stuff of Science Fiction back then. Nowadays we rely on this Technology to help us in almost every aspect of our daily lives and when it comes to selling or renting property they have become essential tools in helping us to do our job.

However, it is an unfortunate fact that the process of moving home can often be an emotional and stressful experience which cannot yet be improved by technology alone so whilst we embrace all that the internet and the latest gadgets and gizmos can provide we strive to maintain the core values for which we are known, Professionalism, Local Knowledge and Expertise combined with good old- fashioned customer service and care.

We think these are qualities which will never go out of fashion.

Our many years of experience have taught us exactly what our clients need & deserve and we never lose sight of the fact that the properties which we deal with are our clients homes and most important assets.

So, in an ever- changing, uncertain and sometimes scary world it is reassuring to know that there are still somethings which you can rely upon

Fry and Kent

Meet The Directors

Gary Bird

I have been involved in the property industry for well over 25 years and have spent most of my adult life in Portsmouth & Southsea where I live very happily with my family.

I may well be slightly biased, but I sincerely believe that we are extremely fortunate to live where we do with an ever-expanding list of amenities, attractions and events on our doorstep.

Clearly, I am not the only one who believes this as more and more people are drawn to the City from across the World, increasingly in preference to other Cities along the South Coast where property prices are significantly higher.

Of course, everyone needs a home and as the demand to live in our part of the World has increased so our business has grown.

Part of my role is to make sure that the company continues to grow and adapt to meet the needs of our clients at the same time ensuring that we maintain our hard-earnt reputation for customer service and standards which is entirely dependent on having staff whom understand this and know how to deliver.

As we race towards the next decade and Fry & Kent’s 50th Birthday there will no doubt be many more changes ahead but whatever the future may hold we will strive to maintain these same goals.

Neil Maxwell

I started my career in Estate Agency sticking photos on details that we’d taken with an instant polaroid camera which in winter you had to warm up to make sure the developing chemicals worked.

Our industry is now in a completely different place but the essence of the job remains the same, how we apply the technology without compromising on the key ingredients of service and customer satisfaction is a constantly evolving issue.

Being surrounded by so much fantastic architecture in Portsmouth and Southsea you can’t help but develop a passion and an interest in property which I did from an early age.

To be able to have a career in property has been rewarding and dealing with such a fantastic client base over the years has been given me great job satisfaction.

I’m looking forward to the challenges that will doubtless come and embracing the changes that future technology will enable us to continue to deliver a service that represents our market leading position.

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